4A place called Nagireddipalli in a rural village here in India is a kind of place where we don’t hear the name of Jesus and it is populated with people who follow uncivilized and superstitious belief. In such a time, Late Rev. Christudas(Paternal grandfather of the Founder Mr. Sunil K Pinninty), who graduated from a Bible College in the year 1954, came to this village after being anointed and prayed over by a missionary Late Rev.Anderson. At that point in time, Late Rev.Christudas had four young kids who were under 5years of age whom he brought along with his wife to serve God fulltime in this village. Finding no shelter to live in, they had to clean up a buffalo stable and make space for themselves which became their home. The initial days of their life in that place was very hard for them as they struggled to get proper meals. There was a time when Late Rev.Christu Das had only mangoes to feed his family.

Still, without losing any hope or passion to serve God, he went forward and started preaching about Jesus in that village. God was with him and started providing him what he needed step by step. With the little money which he got, he used to get rice grains which they had to clean, remove the chaff and get the grains out of it and then cooked them to eat. That is how his ministry started and without any financial support, just depending on God in faith, he started doing personal door to door evangelism in that village. When he went preaching about Jesus, the people of that village, who were unbelievers,  got furious and accused him for turning people towards Jesus. They even tried to beat him up and threatened to kill him. Without turning a hair, he continued his ministry even more boldly. As he went on preaching the gospel, few people came forwarded and accepted Jesus as their personal savior and they even got baptized by him. Thus a small church with 5 members attending, has been established by Late Rev. Christudas in this village of Nagireddipalli. But his ministry din’t stop there.

He extended his ministry to surrounding villages by walking on foot for about 15-20 kilometers, distributing gospel tracts to people which gave him a chance to establish another few church in villages of Keshwapur, Chunchanakota, Konney and also in Gangapuram where he raised up Pastors and Leaders to serve, which are still going a great ministry to believers till date.

IMG_7016Late Rev.Christudas died at the age of 93 years in 2011 in fullness of health with absolutely no ailments of health. God has given him such a good health which made him live a long and strong life. Five years before he died, his wife went to be with the Lord and his children settled in different places with their families. He chose be alone just to take care of the ministry so that everything would be in order. Even though he was more welcome to stay with his children, he focused just on his commitment to serve the Lord in that age inspite of being alone till his last breath. God gave him a great health that he din’t even suffer from low vision, neither did he suffer from fever or cold. He stayed in full health till the last moment. Few hours before he rested in the Lord, he preached in a church on the occasion of Christmas and around 3:30am which was his regular prayer time, he felt a bit uneasy and when his family started praying for him by his side, he took his last breath in his prayer time. Such a great man of God, full of passion and zeal to work for the kingdom of God, left us an example of serving God with enthusiasm and power.

The church which he built in 1957 in Nagireddipalli still exists and it has been 57 years till now. It was built in mud, straw and mud tiles. Now, the state of this church is unstable due to no proper foundation at the time of its establishment as it was very expensive then. But now, as the strength of the members attending the church increased, the capacity of that building is not durable to hold the gathering and it needs to be rebuilt because of its state. It has been found out that there are more chances of the church to be collapsed especially during rainy season as the water drips down from the roof top and even the walls are weak and cracked. We couldn’t rebuild it earlier due to lack of resources. In the last stages of his life, Late Rev.Christudas , has built a fencing wall around it with whatever money he has, not caring for his needs at that age. But this year 2014, God has promised us to open new doors for this church construction and so prayerfully, the Founder of New Life Foundation Ministries, Mr.Sunil K Pinninty, has taken steps of faith with responsibility to complete this project which has been established by his grandfather, before this year ends.  The project is to rebuild the church and build extra two rooms to accommodate the Pastor’s family who would be serving in this village. This is not an easy task for just one man and it needs passionate people for making this possible.

If you are interested in this project and if you are prompted in your spirit to join hands with us, please feel free to contact us to know more details of this project and also if you want to send us your generous offerings, you can refer to the bank details that are furnished at the end of this page.

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