Look What The Lord Has Done!

Her name is Vasantha, before attending the deliverance meeting of NLFM, she has been suffering from demonic oppression, weakness all over her body and severe bleeding since one year. But after she got prayed by Bro. Sunil, she got completely delivered and healed! All glory to Jesus!

Free from 1000 demons!

An 18yr old young man happened to attend one of the deliverance meetings conducted by NLFM. After the meeting, he, along with other church members and Bro. Sunil K Pinninty Founder, NLFM went to the terrace of a house. Then this young man Mr Joseph, met Bro. Sunil and started talking to him and was telling him all that was happening in his life after which Bro. Sunil started counselling and mentoring him and suddenly at midnight around 12:00am, a demon which was inside this young man started manifesting and shouting! It was shouting not to pray for this young man and it desperately wanted to kill this man. It tried in every possible way to kill him but this man did not die. The demon revealed all its plans to kill this man and even revealed that it had a target to destroy him completely by 29th May 2015 as this young man was very passionate to serve Jesus. Then Bro. Sunil started binding this demon and was nullifying all its works. During this time, the strong demon revealed that it is not just one demon residing in his body but 1000 altogether! Bro. Sunil did not give up. He casted them all out by the power of the Holy Spirit and the young man got completely delivered! All glory to God!!

Praise the Lord! My name is Rajini, I wanna share a small testimony for the glory of God. As I was having sickness in my body, I called up Bro. Sunil K Pinninty to get prayed by him. I was suffering from severe, joint pains ,ear and throat irritations for a long time. These symptoms used to occur every now and then. So Bro.Sunil prayed for me and immediately God healed me completely from Head to Toe! Amazing God! His power is awesome. Bro. Sunil also sensed that a demon is
residing in my body which was causing all this pain and he rebuked it and the demon left from my body immediately after his prayer. I could clearly sense it that I am totally healed and delivered. All Glory To God!!

Praise The Lord! My name is Varun. I am very excited to be a living testimony to the whole world. This is a New Life for me as I was translated from the stage of deadly worry to full of life and happiness. I was suffering from polyps issue related to nose. It was very severe and it would bleed from my nose. We consulted 4 doctors. One of the doctors suspected it to be cancer. On that day we were shocked. At that time, my sister who is a member of NLFM and a believer of Jesus, approached Bro.Sunil K Pinninty, Founder of NLFM, immediately and explained him the situation. He then prayed and told her that nothing will happen. The next day we went for the endoscopy and the doctors took out one polyp and sent it for biopsy. The reports were expected to come after 5 days. After the reports came out everything was absolutely normal!!! My family and I who were totally worried about the diagnosis expecting it to be cancer as my dad passed also away with cancer, were amazed. I thank Jesus for this great miracle in my life. He touched me and the reports came out normal. I give all glory and honour to Lord Jesus and I thank NLFM and Bro.Sunil for his immense dedication.

Hello my name is Murali and I am working as the head master in a school located in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India. I had a spinal cord issue since an year. I consulted many doctors who gave me medication. The pain reduced for a while and still I couldn’t sit nor stand more than 10 minutes. I always took healthy diet but all in vain. I was very weak and was bed-ridden all the time. I was always dependent on people for my basic needs. I was not able to help myself. Then I met a friend who is a Member of NLFM. He introduced Bro.Sunil K Pinninty, Founder of NLFM to me over phone who prayed for me and told me that I would be healed in half an hour. After sometime, some power touched me and miraculously I found myself sitting and walking and I gained lot of strength!!! My wife immediately ran to my friend who is a member of NLFM, and passed him this message of healing and deliverance. I never knew that Jesus Christ is this powerful God. I thank Bro.Sunil for his strong prayers and for introducing Jesus to me. I thank God Almighty Jesus for delivering me. All glory to God!

My name is Srinivas. I recently attend a meeting in one of NLFM churches located in a village where Bro.Sunil K Pinninty, Founder of NLFM was preaching. After the meeting, he was praying for the sick and I had an opportunity to get prayed by him. I went for prayer as my wife was sick and even I did not have any job and was facing many financial problems. Then Bro.Sunil K Pinninty suddenly prophesied over my situation and he told me that I would very soon see a financial blessing within a week and exactly within a week, I received my financial blessing and even my wife got completely healed! All glory to Jesus!

Joshua Pic new Hello! This is Vasavi Bhoj Raj and I would like to share my happiness with everyone, First of all, I thank Jesus for this because without Him I’m nothing. And a big thanks to Bro. Sunil K Pinninty Founder of NLFM and his prayers. I’m a non believer I got to know about Jesus through one of my friend .She told me after accepting Jesus how her life changed, she prayed for me and then I started praying to Jesus and accepted him as my saviour. My family members had no objections for accepting Christ. Its been two years now since. I accepted Christ. After accepting Jesus my life changed in many ways. I feel blessed to be his daughter and one day I came to Bro Sunil and His ministry through NLFM social media ministry I saw Bro. Sunil profile and ministry on social media and didnot know the reason,why I had to speak to Bro. Sunil. I shared my sorrows and told him my agnoy I was going through. Bro. Sunil started praying for me and I got into NLFM and the prayer group after that I used to participate in group prayers in this NLFM and Bro Sunil would release prophetic blessings for us. Jesus started talking to me through Bro. Sunil , I’m so happy that im blessed and God is talking to me through Bro . Sunil K Pinninty. My life changed after I joined this ministry as a covenant Partner of NLFM. It is a mighty miraculous ministry God has been doing great miracles … Bro Sunil had prophesised that the year-2015 is the ” Year of Increase”, and I am standing with a testimony of Increase. I started working from 1st Aug 2014 as a trainee for 6 months and I was told that after 6 months of training, I would get a promotion and today from a trainee, I have been promoted as a Junior Executive and I received 100% hike which is a big surprise!!! It was so unexpected. I give all the Glory to Jesus and I once again thank Bro. Sunil for his prayers. What a mighty word he realeased for 2015 as the Year of Increase , I received my increase! I’m so Blessed by NLFM. Thank you Jesus!

Greetings in the Almighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!! It gives me immense pleasure to share a small testimony of what the Lord has done. This is Sheela member of NLFM. Ever since I’ve been acquainted with NLFM 2010 onwards; the Almighty God has been working wonders in my life.  As many of you are aware that due to lack of rains last year, we have been facing problems with scarcity  of water. I’ve been residing at Hyderabad India for the past 6 years and within the 6 years we have planted 3 borewells.  Inspite of the depth in the borewell we had scarcity of water in our house.  The third borewell has turned dry and we are depending only on the weekly water supply from the HMWSSB.  on 16 Feb 2015,  the 2000  Litres  Sintex   tank was empty and there was not a glass of water left even for our personal needs.   At this point of time I was reminded of the years promise to NLFM, this year-2015 will be the “Year of Increase”. Been connected with NLFM I was growing in the words of Grace and believed that we need to put our Faith into practice.  Immediately,   I commanded the dry borewell to be filled with water and used the prayer oil to anoint the borewell pipe, regulator and added few drops of the prayer oil into the dry sump.  After my act of Faith, I made a phone call to Bro. Sunil  and shared my concern regarding the scarcity  of water in my colony before the beginning of the summer season. Immediately Bro Sunil prayed with the year Promise for NLFM -“THE YEAR OF INCREASE “! Bro. Sunil rebuked the dry borewell and commanded the water level in the dry ground to increase, to our surprise the water from the dry ground sprang up and the next day morning, we were able to complete all our water related tasks. Not only that the 2000 litres overhead water tank was filled and there an over flow of water.  Our God is a merciful God and  is ready to answer our prayer request.  I thank the Almighty God for  Bro. Sunil K Pinninty Executive Director – NLFM and the miracles been performed  through the ministry.  God Bless!!

Joshua Pic new My name is Joshua Daniel, I am from Hyderabad. Till last year, I was desperately meeting many men of God for prayers as I went into depression due to sickness and financial crisis. During this time, one of my friends gave me the prayer and faith confessions of NLFM and asked me to confess it regularly and I started doing it every day. One day I called Bro. Sunil K Pinninty and spoke to him over the phone and scheduled my time to meet him. When I met him, he released a word of prophecy revealed to him by the Holy Spirit which says all my debts and sickness would be uprooted from my life and also gave me a bottle of prayer oil. I went back home relaxed, believing what God has promised me. Today, I am free from all the worries of paying interests, whereas earlier, I used to pay a huge amount just for interests. Now, my health is even getting better. One day I do not know what had happened but I fell sick and felt as if I was dying. I was very scared. So I called up Bro Sunil who prayed for me over the phone. Then I was healed immediately and also the fear of death has left and my health recovered without any medicine! It was definitely a miracle! Secondly, last year in the month of December, When my wife was due for delivering my second baby, we were expecting a baby girl as we already have a son. So we went to other men of God to be prayed for a girl baby. Most of them assured us that we would have a girl baby. But one day, during the prayer in NLFM group, the Spirit of God revealed Bro. Sunil K Pinninty that it is a baby boy along with his name as ‘Jonathan Caleb’! God has blessed me with another son. At the time of his birth, the doctors diagnosed that my younger son has got some restrictions in breathing and kept us in dilemma that he might not live. Again I rang up Bro. Sunil K Pinninty who along with all the members of NLFM group, prayed for my son and suspended death on his life. My son is very health now and there are absolutely no symptoms of any sickness till date! Praise God! The greatest testimony in my life is that I am living with a lot of peace in mind after becoming a covenant partner with NLFM.

Kiran-PicI am Kiran Peram, working in Noida as a Software Engineer. It was God’s glorious plan that I should joined in NLFM Group and I thank God for his perfect placement. God speaks to me every day through the Daily Devotion messages and the prophecies released By Bro Sunil K Pinninty, Founder & Executive Director of New Life Foundation Ministries via the NLFM Media ministry. Everyday, I experience the Power of God, His comforting words and the unimaginable plan that He has ordained for my life. The day I took the covenant partnership with NLFM, the Spirit of the Lord empowered me abundantly. Today, the worst situations and the crisis that I have been through, seem so small and almost nothing because of His super abounding Grace and the Living Hope. It’s His powerful prophetic words released through Bro Sunil K Pinninty that renews my strength every day and makes me thirst for His Living waters. The NLFM Prayer Group is an extremely powerful group where we witness many people being delivered, healed and blessed with God’s abundant goodness everyday. Even before my niece Sharon was born, we all prayed for the safe delivery of my sister during the daily prayer within the group and God revealed Bro Sunil K Pinninty that it’s a baby girl along with her name! Her birth was a Prophecy fulfilled! After she was born, she was named, anointed and dedicated to the Lord by this Group. She was also healed from sickness instantly and it’s a miracle that this baby started rolling over in just 3.5 months and in perfect health. Glory be to God.

All Things are Possible!

Count your Blessing name them one by one, It will surprise you what the Lord hath done.” Truly our God is an awesome God, who does wonders and miracles in our lives. Born in a Christian family , I was more into the traditional life of reading the Bible, Praying and attending the Sunday service at church regularly. Ever since the year 2010, I’ve been acquainted with New Life Foundation Ministries, My identity as Christian was transformed from a nominal Christian to the blessed child of the most high God. My Heavenly Father has been Gracious to me and all my family members and protecting us , leading through every trial and tribulations by carving us in his hands.

The fervent prayers , words of Hope and boosting of our FAITH were the key concepts of NLFM. The Founder and Executive Director of New Life Foundation Ministries- Mr.Sunil.K .Pinninty has been a mentor and a counselor to me and all my family members , with who’s constant guidance and encouragement .has changed our hopeless lives into a testimonial lives. Today, I would like to share a few testimonies of how our lives have being transformed with the fervent prayers and support by the New Life Foundation Ministries. Testimonies build Hope and Faith in our lives.

I’m working as a Facilitator, in an International school from the year 2005, but ever since I got acquainted with New life Foundation Ministries, God has been working wonders in my personal, professional and family life. Within 5 years of my experience as a teacher, in the year 2011 ,I was promoted as an Asst. Coordinator. Being a Team leader for people who have more experience in the profession and older in age was “ not a cake walk,” as it requires more experience, abilities and skills to lead and ignite young minds in this 21st Century. But the Gracious God has placed me in that position today, only because his love endures forever and by glorifying his name among the heathen. All Glory to Jesus!

Secondly, I was suffering with many health problems such as sinusitis, thyroid and could not lead a happy and a normal life, for which my relatives and friends would mock at me because of my sickness. The Lord revealed my health issue to Mr. Sunil and with the gift of healing and fervent prayers by the team God has healed me from the long term sickness. Today , I am able to adapt my self to any climatic conditions with out any sickness.

Under the able guidance of the Holy Spirit and the prayer support by the New Life Foundation Ministries, every member of my family has tasted the love of Christ and the purpose of our lives in this world. My elder brother‘s marriage was shattered and he was effected with demonic power of the enemy. At this point of time, Mr.Sunil K Pinninty with the Gift of Prophecy was fervently Prayer for my brothers deliverance, constantly giving us words of encouragement, hope and boosting his Faith.This bad situation had an impact on every individual of our family. We faced humiliations in the society, relatives and friends. Today my brother is freed from the cults of the enemy.

The prophetic words given by the Holy Spirit through Mr.Sunil and his constant Pray support and guidance is enabling us to overcome the demonic powers and live a glorious life. The Scriptural prophetic words in form of Daily Devotions has helped us to renew our faith and soar like an Eagle glorifying God Almighty.

Our association with New Life Foundation Ministries has transformed every fragment of our lives from a nominal Christian into a Blessing . I on behalf of my entire family, Thank God Almighty for connecting us to this Channel of Blessings, New Life Foundation Ministries.

B. S. Charles

Hi, my name is Aruna. I was struggling to get a job for a long period of time. Then, being encouraged by the words of comfort and faith released in the group of NLFM, I decided to become partner of NLFM. The moment I became a covenant partner with NLFM God has blessed me with a job! Praise be to God!

My name is Preethi. I am pleased to glorify the name of Jesus. I am blessed to be a part of NLFM. I saw an increase in my relationship with God after I joined NLFM group. I started experiencing to hear the voice of God through the words released by Bro Sunil K Pinninty. Whenever I was worried and confused, God spoke straight to me through Bro.Sunil that He is there for me no matter what! I was also very insecure about my job and was very depressed and confused. But when Bro. Sunil prayed for me and prophesied about my promotion, security and hike, I believed it and received it into my life. Exactly after ten days, the prophecy has been fulfilled! My job got permanent, my salary got hiked and I got promoted in my work place! Hallelujah! It was in December before Christmas, that I had to get some money from a known person who borrowed it from me. I was very much in need of that money at that point of time. After I put a prayer request in our daily prayer in NLFM group, the money which was on hold got released on the very next day by evening! Glory to God! God has blessed me beyond my imagination after I became a covenant partner with NLFM and I thank God for that!



My name is Babji. Two years back, I developed an infection around my navel area and had to undergo an operation. When it was operated, everything was set right but recently, after two years, it reoccurred and this time, the condition became so serious that the infection turned into poison all over in my body and became dreadful for which doctors gave up their hopes and confirmed the less chances of my survival and that I had to count my last days. As I had no money, we were sent back to our home by the doctors who concluded that I would survive only for 4 days. I was not able to eat anything neither was I able to move or even speak. Then my family approached Bro. Sunil, Executive Director of New Life Foundation Ministries, for prayer and he prayed, suspended death over my life and prophesied that I would be healed in 2 days. In less than two days, that is within one and a half day, miraculously I got healed and I started having normal food! Death has been striked out of my life and I am a Living Testimony now! All glory to God!

My name is Sowmya, I come from a Hindu family. When I was 12 my father passed away. When I lost my father, I became very lonely. I was very depressed. I felt like crying loudly. I wanted to share my pain with someone great to listen to me. After my father passed away, me, my brother (younger) and my mother had to go and stay with my paternal grandparents. Life became very hard and difficult with no love and affection. No one told me about Jesus at that time. We stayed with our grandparents for 13 years. We were in bondage for 13 years. Later, I started going to church and I had a personal encounter with God and since then my life has been changing step by step. He brought us out of the bondage in February 2014 when Bro Sunil K Pinninty released a word that this year would be the year of Release from bondage and debt. Exactly according to the word, God delivered us out of the bondage. Jesus was with me all through these 13 years blessing us in all the ways. He became my Father in whom I strongly believed in His love for us. He has blessed me in every area of my life till date. He blessed me with higher education. He made me top my studies at every level. He blessed me with His word. I took the word and strongly felt in my heart that this is my time that God’s word got manifested in my life! I came to know more about Jesus, His Word and His Love after I got connected to NLFM. Praise the lord! Thank You Jesus!

Praise The Lord,

My name is Rakesh, working in an IT organization here in Hyd, and staying near Rakesh Family Pic_1Gachibowli. I got married to Anitha on 31st May 2013. Since the day we were expecting, Brother Sunil K Pinninty founder of New Life Foundation Ministries has been praying for our family. God revealed Brother Sunil, that we will be blessed with a male child. God also revealed brother Sunil, the name of the child.

God fulfilled his promise and blessed us with a baby boy on 29th March 2014, and the prophesy that brother Sunil gave us with the spirit of God was fulfilled.

We thank God for being so gracious to us and blessing us with greatest gift of life. We would also like to thank Brother Sunil for his prayers and bringing to us the gods word. We would also thank New Life Foundation Ministries Prayer group for continued prayers. We have not announced the name of the child, but God revealed Brother Sunil that it would be SAMUEL. The kid will be named the same officially very soon. All glory and honour be to almighty God.

Thanks you, RAKESH.

Pastors support

Praise Be to God! My name Is Pastor Samuel I’m come from traditional Hindu back ground my parents are great Idol worshipers .Right my childhood I was very weak in my health and I was totally bed ridden because of my fitness .Due to poverty my parents felt that I was great burden for them .They couldn’t look after me because all the income would go for my medicine. So they were fed up and sent me away from my home .I dint know where to go but somehow I heard a Gospel from a preacher who was sharing the word in my village .When he prayed for me God healed me and that is the time when I believed in God till then I did not know that there is a God who can heal me. and one day God spoke to me through Psalm 119:50 this word caught my attention and then I accepted the lord as my personnel savior .and later on, I was called to the ministry when God Again spoke to me through Mathew 10.15 .Then I dedicated my life to Serve God ,I went to bible college for training .I have been serving the Lord since 2005. Mean while local Government (Gram Panchayath ) has given me some land for the church building , but the people in the surrounding areas objected and were very much against it . They bet me and insulted me. I have small family for whom I am only means of support. As the place where I am living rural area it’s a place where people totally reject Gospel being spread ,and it really be difficult for me and my family to move on .There were even times when we dint get three proper meals per day so as days went by, marvelously God enabled people for us through New Life Foundation Ministries to support us, and we are very much thankful to God for His merciful kindness which never forgets His people, my main focus and aim is to work among tribes and somehow make them know that Jesus is only savior . I really thank God and I pray that His grace would be sufficient always for the ministry of New Life Foundation Ministries.


Praise The Lord! My name is Chandu, I am 13 years old. I don’t know who my parents are, and I used to live in streets, begging, to earn some bread for each day to live. One day, people from New Life Foundation Ministries came and rescued me and joined me in a Government Hostel temporarily where I would be supported by New Life Foundation Ministries. This is where I live now. Finally, I have a place to stay, someone to care, someone to give me food and all necessary things that I need. Not only that, I get education, books, clothes and everything. I have someone to share my feelings and someone to listen to me. I also came to know about Jesus who loves me and brought me to this place where I could really feel His love through these people who are helping us. I really thank God for New Life Foundation Ministries and I wish and pray that God would appoint more such people to care for all the children, who are left and abandoned by their parents like me, in all over the world so that there may not be any orphan on the street and also I pray that the resources required for the land and for the building of the Orphanage would be gathered soon so that more children like me would be saved. May God Bless New Life Foundation Ministries.

Widow’s Support

Praise God! My name is Mrs. Yadamma, I am 81 years old. I am working as a daily wage labour. As I lost my husband at a very early age, there was no one to look after my family. My children are married and are staying in far away places and it was very difficult for me to earn my bread on my own because of lack of my strength. I sometimes dint even have proper clothes and proper shelter to stay. But now New Life Foundation Ministries supports me every month by giving some clothes to me and some money for my living. I am very happy and really blessed by their ministry. I pray to God Almighty, that he would bless this ministry abundantly.

Sewing Center

Praise God! My name is Mrs. Padma I come from a family which is not in a position to support me for my education and to send me to some other place for my education. I used to feel so bad about this as I always wanted to study well and work so that I can stand on my own to support myself as well as my family. But because of the situations, I had to stay at home. Thankfully, New Life Foundation Ministries gave me an opportunity to develop my life skills and get a livelihood so that I can support myself inspite of all the difficulties. Now I am able to earn money by stitching dresses through the sewing machine which I got after my training in sewing center of New Life Foundation Ministries. I am very much happy and thrilled by the way New Life Foundation Ministries paved a way for young girls like us to improve our talents and skills. I also came to know the Love of God by this ministry and I thank God for everything. May God Bless the ministry of New Life Foundation Ministries.

Summer Children Bible Clubs

My name is Srikanth , I’m 14 years old and I am from Hindu Background I have been coming to this Church for the past five years my parents have not yet accepted Lord Jesus and they still worship Idols. I came to know about Jesus through Children Bible Club and I experienced His love towards me. from then onwards , I never miss children Bible clubs which conducted every summer .I used to wait eagerly for the summer to come and I don’t go anywhere to spend my holidays until children bible club is over . I learnt many things here got lot of prizes and gifts and I used to participate actively in all the activities of the church. I thankful to all of them who have been teaching us many things about God and His Love and I wish and pray that more and more such programmes would be organized. Also please pray for my family so that my parents would know God and that my family would be blessed.

Light of Literacy Schools

Praise The Lord! My name is Mrs Daravaath Keli I come from a very poor family and uneducated family. Due to the difficult situations in my family, I couldn’t go for school. Because of that, it was very difficult for me to face the challenges in every area. It was difficult for me to buy groceries from the store as I couldn’t read what was written on the labels and also sometimes I used to buy some expired things and used to be affected. Likewise, there were so many stages in my life where I wished I could have been educated. But amazingly, we came to know about New Life Foundation Ministries through our friends, which gave me a turning point in my life which I never expected even in my dream. At last, I could read and even write. More than that, I got a Bible after finishing my course and then when I started reading slowly, I met someone whom I have never met before. He is Jesus, who died for me and gave me salvation and eternal life. I believed Him and in His word, which talked to me and saved me from death. I am very thankful to Lord Almighty for giving me such a great opportunity which lead me to meet my Saviour. All praise and glory to God. May God Bless New Life Foundation Ministries and its ministry and establish it more and more.