Children Bible Club is conducted by the New Life Foundation Ministries, every summer where children from different places  gather and learn the Word of God.

It is fun-filled and encouraging them to grow in wisdom and knowledge. They learn many songs of praises with little actions; they memorize the verses from the Bible and many other activities including handworks and games.

To keep them active and alert, food and some refreshments are provided to them during the day so that they stay energetic. Even though it is a freaky hot-summer with temperature around 48-50 degree centigrade, and though it is vacation time for them, they still sacrifice and come just to spend in the presence of God. Such children learn about Him and His love. Some are even touched by the Word and they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior at that very small age. At the end of this club, some exciting prizes, gifts and certificates are given to those children to encourage them. In this way, gospel is spread to little children for their spiritual growth.