There is a small village in India, named as Salakpur. Here, we can’t find a single Christian believer as it is occupied by many Non Believers. Majority of them were Muslims and Hindus to whom the gospel has not been shared since ages.

At this point of time, by the calling and encouragement of the Holy Spirit, the maternal grandparents of the Founder Mr. Sunil, Late Rev. Jacob, along with his wife, who were newly married then, entered that village in the Year 1936 for the first time as believers with a perfect calling and vision to share the good news of salvation to the people who were in darkness. 

Their commitment towards their calling made them firm in their vision. The couple used to share the gospel to the people surrounded by them, and not only that, they used to give basic education to the people who desired to be educated but still couldn’t study because of their financial situations. To such people the Founder Mr. Sunil’s grandparents would teach them basic education and that’s how they have started sharing the Love of God to the people living over there. As it was a small village, there were few huts for them to live in and addition to it, they even faced lot of trials and tribulations, life threatening etc. Inspite of all these problems, they were very firm and lead many people to Christ and also baptized them and brought them into salvation and without fearing men and the works of the evil, they kept moving forward and successfully established a small church in that village. During the construction of that church, the people of different communities used to demolish all the constructed area by next morning and were persistent in doing that but still they kept on constructing the church but this time they had scheduled the construction process to night time. Still they had to face some problems.

Sometimes The Founder’s grandparents were even threatened to be killed and were locked in a room. But the Saving Grace of God never left them and they were safe and could successfully build a church in that place. Not only that, the passion of the founder’s grandfather, to serve the Lord, enabled him to train many people as pastors and even established five churches in the surrounding villages and thus became a leader to many people in the rural areas. Likewise, they served in the villages as pastors for nearly 61 long years and later the founder’s grandfather was called to glory in the year 1997. He was then 94years old. He always had a desire that his youngest daughter and son-in-law, the parents of our founder, would continue the ministry as they were already into serving God as a couple in another place, which the grandfather of the founder has started. So even after his death, the founder’s parents took up the ministry and are serving by expansion of the church. From then onwards, the Founder’s father Rev. Swamydas Pinninty has been taking care of two churches till today. One is his own church and the other is the church which was established by the founder’s grandfather. And by serving God, the church which was started by the founder’s grandfather had an increase in this village and as the number of the church members had increased day by day. This 76 year old church was in a pathetic condition due to the climatic state. So Rev.Swamydas Pinninty, Father of our founder had rebuilt the church in 2007 so as to accommodate more number of people. As there is an increase in the congregation, the pastor has desired to expand the church by constructing a hall above the existing church. The vision is great and the desire of the people is great, keeping us moving further for the expansion of the kingdom. But to do this, it is not so easy as it requires many resources. It seems to be impossible for us due to the circumstances and also the opposition as the village have 90% of other belief population who would oppose for this proposal. But we, as faith people, believe that, With God all things are possible and He shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. Therefore we are praying earnestly for the work which is to be started and we are expecting God’s mighty hand in our ministry. If you are inspired and want to know the frame work of this project in this ministry, please feel free to reach us at any time.