Education is the need of the hour. Be it young or old, being educated is the necessity. Keeping this in mind the Literacy Schools of the New Life Foundation Ministries provides basic education for the people from the rural areas of India.

They are the people who are very poor to afford for education and hence remain uneducated and innocent. They cannot read or write their own names and because of this, they use their finger prints as signature in some official places like banks, post offices etc. .

They struggle in almost every mode of living. It is difficult for them to board a bus because they cannot read the place written on the bus or get some provisions from the store. In all these areas their innocency of education and illiteracy comes into light which keeps them struggling. Though their hearts beam with an excitement to learn, their poverty and circumstances puts off their enthusiasm. For such people, literacy schools are established where all of them are given basic education like teaching them alphabets, small words and helping them to write so that they can face the basic challenges put in front of them.

They are taught totally in 3 modules which is to be completed in 9 months. It is basically Bible based school, where many graduates make a decision to follow Jesus by the Bible-based curriculum which introduces students to Jesus Christ. By the end of this course, these people are given a Bible of their own so that they are able to get to know more about God and be saved which is our ultimate objective and through this, they are able to build their faith. This program not only brings the light of literacy but also the light of God’s word into the life of the learners.