I am lonely, I don’t know anyone. I don’t have shelter, I am hungry! Where should I go? Who is my mother? Who is my father? Why am I living?” These are the cries of the tiny tots roaming in the streets of India.They are abandoned, rejected and banished from their families. No one needs them. They beg for food on the streets, make their homes under the trees, in railway stations, on footpaths, etc., and even go to bed with an empty stomach while crying for food. Some of these children are even found lying in the trash bins when they are babies. hunger, thirsty and rejected is what they face wherever they go. A tiny soul, whose future is supposed to be bright, lives on the streets like a vagabond, awaiting a bleaky and gloomy future which is the only thing left for them. But this is not their destiny. Someone has to direct them, bring them a hope for their future, lay some foundation and set up standards for them.

This thought for such orphans made the New Life Foundation ministries to start orphanages in which all these little ones are taken care of, comforted and made them feel ‘at home’. Here, they are given food, clothing, shelter and even education. These little ones find a future with a hope of a New Life. They are taught the Word of God and the Love of God. Also, they learn many songs of praises and worship by which they get connected to their Heavenly Father. In such way, the gospel is spread to the little children so that they find their destiny which is the Kingdom of God. The New Life Foundation Ministries always looks in search of such small children, whose lives are broken at very small age and gives them hope for a bright future and lead, encourages them to move on towards their final destination. It is a home where they find someone to share their feelings and get comforted which the ultimate vision is given by God, to our Founder.