There are some pastors who are working with us in rural and remote areas in India. They serve God by preaching the gospel and the Word to the people who never knew who Jesus is.

They live a very simplified life and live just by faith. They have a passion to build the Kingdom Of God by spreading the gospel among the unreached by sharing their encounter with Christ. But when we look into the situations and the place where they live, it moves our heart. So many of them struggle for a day wages, because, the only occupation they have is serving God, and living in the areas where it is difficult for preaching God’s word, it is not at all easy for them to get some money for their survival. What they face every day is opposition and challenges.


Due to this, most of them live under poverty line. They have to look after their families too and also there are some situations in which they don’t even get three full meals per day properly. The resources are very scarce but the passion for souls in them is abundant. Inspite of all these problems, they still serve God by putting their trust and hope in God by faith. Faith is the only factor that keeps them going on. So, according to the vision and passion given to our Founder, all such pastors who are serving God in rural areas are to be supported by the New Life Foundation Ministries. It makes sure that all these pastors are supported every month by some finances so that they can support their family. This is the way of building the Kingdom of God by supporting the builders i.e., the pastors which is the ultimate goal of the New Life Foundation Ministries.