In India, mostly in rural areas, confining a girl to the house has been a taboo since long. This is because of the opinion and view of a woman that has been fixed in everyone’s mind that a lady is supposed to stay at home and look after the family.

Moreover, the birth of a girl child in a house, is a great responsibility or burden which always pings on their mind and hence they don’t send them for education as they believe that the money spent for the education could be rather spent on their marriage and therefore, they suppress their ability and skills which are hidden in them. Some of them are not able to send their girl child to the schools because of the distance, safety and security. And some of them cannot afford to the expenses that are needed for education.


If we get a chance to have a conversation with such young girls, we can understand their keen interest in being skilled and empowered in life. If given a chance, they would like to come out of their Bonsai Life and prove themselves to their community, and show them their abilities or capabilities.

We see that such talents are confined to the four walls all day long. These young girls will be supported by the New Life Foundation Ministries by teaching them some life skills by giving basic education through the literacy schools, opening new sewing centers equipped with some sewing machines which is being used as one of the tools to share Love of God and giving them basic education and paving a way for them to live on their own.