Her name is Vasantha, before attending the deliverance meeting of NLFM, she has been suffering from demonic oppression, weakness all over her body and severe bleeding since one year. But after she got prayed by Bro. Sunil, she got completely delivered and healed! All glory to Jesus!

Free from 1000 demons!
An 18yr old young man happened to attend one of the deliverance meetings conducted by NLFM. After the meeting, he, along with other church members and Bro. Sunil K Pinninty Founder, NLFM went to the terrace of a house. Then this young man Mr Joseph, met Bro. Sunil and started talking to him and was telling him all that was happening in his life after which Bro. Sunil started counselling and mentoring him and suddenly at midnight around 12:00am, a demon which was inside this young man started manifesting and shouting! It was shouting not to pray for this young man and it desperately wanted to kill this man. It tried in every possible way to kill him but this man did not die. The demon revealed all its plans to kill this man and even revealed that it had a target to destroy him completely by 29th May 2015 as this young man was very passionate to serve Jesus. Then Bro. Sunil started binding this demon and was nullifying all its works. During this time, the strong demon revealed that it is not just one demon residing in his body but 1000 altogether! Bro. Sunil did not give up. He casted them all out by the power of the Holy Spirit and the young man got completely delivered! All glory to God!!

Praise the Lord! My name is Rajini, I wanna share a small testimony for the glory of God. As I was having sickness in my body, I called up Bro. Sunil K Pinninty to get prayed by him. I was suffering from severe, joint pains ,ear and throat irritations for a long time. These symptoms used to occur every now and then. So Bro.Sunil prayed for me and immediately God healed me completely from Head to Toe! Amazing God! His power is awesome. Bro. Sunil also sensed that a demon is
residing in my body which was causing all this pain and he rebuked it and the demon left from my body immediately after his prayer. I could clearly sense it that I am totally healed and delivered. All Glory To God!!

Praise The Lord! My name is Varun. I am very excited to be a living testimony to the whole world. This is a New Life for me as I was translated from the stage of deadly worry to full of life and happiness. I was suffering from polyps issue related to nose. It was very severe and it would bleed from my nose. We consulted 4 doctors. One of the doctors suspected it to be cancer. On that day we were shocked. At that time, my sister who is a member of NLFM and a believer of Jesus, approached Bro.Sunil K Pinninty, Founder of NLFM, immediately and explained him the situation. He then prayed and told her that nothing will happen. The next day we went for the endoscopy and the doctors took out one polyp and sent it for biopsy. The reports were expected to come after 5 days. After the reports came out everything was absolutely normal!!! My family and I who were totally worried about the diagnosis expecting it to be cancer as my dad passed also away with cancer, were amazed. I thank Jesus for this great miracle in my life. He touched me and the reports came out normal. I give all glory and honour to Lord Jesus and I thank NLFM and Bro.Sunil for his immense dedication.

Hello my name is Murali and I am working as the head master in a school located in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India. I had a spinal cord issue since an year. I consulted many doctors who gave me medication. The pain reduced for a while and still I couldn’t sit nor stand more than 10 minutes. I always took healthy diet but all in vain. I was very weak and was bed-ridden all the time. I was always dependent on people for my basic needs. I was not able to help myself. Then I met a friend who is a Member of NLFM. He introduced Bro.Sunil K Pinninty, Founder of NLFM to me over phone who prayed for me and told me that I would be healed in half an hour. After sometime, some power touched me and miraculously I found myself sitting and walking and I gained lot of strength!!! My wife immediately ran to my friend who is a member of NLFM, and passed him this message of healing and deliverance. I never knew that Jesus Christ is this powerful God. I thank Bro.Sunil for his strong prayers and for introducing Jesus to me. I thank God Almighty Jesus for delivering me. All glory to God!

My name is Srinivas. I recently attend a meeting in one of NLFM churches located in a village where Bro.Sunil K Pinninty, Founder of NLFM was preaching. After the meeting, he was praying for the sick and I had an opportunity to get prayed by him. I went for prayer as my wife was sick and even I did not have any job and was facing many financial problems. Then Bro.Sunil K Pinninty suddenly prophesied over my situation and he told me that I would very soon see a financial blessing within a week and exactly within a week, I received my financial blessing and even my wife got completely healed! All glory to Jesus!

Hello! This is Vasavi Bhoj Raj and I would like to share my happiness with everyone, First of all, I thank Jesus for this because without Him I’m nothing. And a big thanks to Bro. Sunil K Pinninty Founder of NLFM and his prayers. I’m a non believer I got to know about Jesus through one of my friend .She told me after accepting Jesus how her life changed, she prayed for me and then I started praying to Jesus and accepted him as my saviour. My family members had no objections for accepting Christ. Its been two years now since. I accepted Christ. After accepting Jesus my life changed in many ways. I feel blessed to be his daughter and one day I came to Bro Sunil and His ministry through NLFM social media ministry I saw Bro. Sunil profile and ministry on social media and didnot know the reason,why I had to speak to Bro. Sunil. I shared my sorrows and told him my agnoy I was going through. Bro. Sunil started praying for me and I got into NLFM and the prayer group after that I used to participate in group prayers in this NLFM and Bro Sunil would release prophetic blessings for us. Jesus started talking to me through Bro. Sunil , I’m so happy that im blessed and God is talking to me through Bro . Sunil K Pinninty. My life changed after I joined this ministry as a covenant Partner of NLFM. It is a mighty miraculous ministry God has been doing great miracles … Bro Sunil had prophesised that the year-2015 is the ” Year of Increase”, and I am standing with a testimony of Increase. I started working from 1st Aug 2014 as a trainee for 6 months and I was told that after 6 months of training, I would get a promotion and today from a trainee, I have been promoted as a Junior Executive and I received 100% hike which is a big surprise!!! It was so unexpected. I give all the Glory to Jesus and I once again thank Bro. Sunil for his prayers. What a mighty word he realeased for 2015 as the Year of Increase , I received my increase! I’m so Blessed by NLFM. Thank you Jesus!