The New Life Foundation Ministries supports some widows who are in need. They are the ones who have lost their husbands and live a lonely life as their children live far away from them with their own families. It is very difficult for widows to live on their own with no support.

Their children, on the other side also are not able to support them because they have to look after their families and all the income would be spent for themselves. Some of these women even sleep in our churches because of lack of proper shelter. They don’t have the strength to work somewhere but still they struggle and work hard to make their living, with great difficulties . They are also depressed and dejected.

They always experience their living in a hard way. Situations change drastically. Even if they fall sick, there would be no one for them to fetch a doctor or even to buy any medicine. These poor women need some shelter, some support and some care. They always expect some care and love in that old age. So the New Life Foundation Ministries takes charge of such widows who are in desperate need.

They  provide some clothes, so that they feel happy and contented. The basic needs of these women are met such as provisions or some medicines etc. They are taken care so that they may not feel dejected. This is the focus and goal of our Founder to remove the tears from the eyes of the people and restore happiness to them by supporting them through the Love of Jesus Christ.